JOUNIN / CHUNIN HACK and INSTANT MISSION'S ( C, B and A ), TP training. only cheat engine

Firefox Or Google Chrome
Cheat Engine 6.0

1. Open NS
2. Go to the kage room
3. Choose a regular mission (Grade A)
4. Open Cheat Engine 6.0
5. Select Process your browser And Value Type: Text
6. Scan the mission you want to Play

lv58 = mission_147
lv56 = mission_148
lv54 = mission_144
lv52 = mission_143
lv50 = mission_142
lv48 = mission_141
lv46 = mission_140
lv44 = mission_139
lv42 = mission_138
lv39 = mission_83
lv38 = mission_82
lv37 = mission_80
lv36 = mission_81
lv35 = mission_79
lv34 = mission_76
lv33 = mission_78
lv32 = mission_77
lv31 = mission_75
lv30 = mission_73
lv28 = mission_72
lv25 = mission_68
lv22 = mission_62
lv21 = mission_61
Lv20 = mission_60

7. We take the example mission lv58
8. Scan "mission_147"
9. Will appear 1 addreess ... click 2x ...
10. Change The Value To "mission_124"
11. click Play and you will fight two dummy
12. complete the mission

Do the Same Method For Chunin Exam N Jounin Exam
Chunin part 1: mission_55
Chunin part 2: mission_56
Chunin Part 3: mission_57
Chunin Part 4: mission_58
Chunin Part 5: mission_59

Jounin Exam
mission_132: hand seal (part1)
mission_133: Shinobi tower (part2)
mission_134: kekkai (part3)
mission_135: the element (Part4)
mission_136: Orochi (part5)

TP Mission
mission_170: TP Secret Scroll
mission_171: The Kekkai in The Forest
mission_172: Weird Potion
mission_173: Another TP Scroll